We are wrapping up the growing season and starting the long process of putting our fields to bed but we will have eggs all winter. Click here to order your dozen today!



At Avalon Acres, our commitment is to guide people back to their sense of wonder through connecting them to nature and the healing effect natural, thriving ecosystems have on us. Remembering our connection to the natural world allows us to re-set, restore and rejuvenate in ways that help us show up to our own lives with more patience, excitement, compassion and willingness. The programs Avalon Acres offers are nourishing to the soul, no matter what religious or spiritual background you may be bringing to the experience. Whether it is enjoying the plethora of fresh veggies and eggs, committing to a 3-day guided vision quest on the land or taking a 90-minute hula hoop class in the apple orchard, the Earth and her intelligence will help return you to yourself.

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Avalon’s fresh vegetables are never treated with pesticides and are grown in soil rich in nutrients. In addition to vegetables, we sell seedlings for you to plant your own garden!

Avalon hosts a variety of sacred events and drumming circles throughout the year that honor the turning of the wheel. Whether it is wassailing on New Year’s or lighting the May Day fires to welcome summer, Avalon offers an alternative experience to dinner-and-a-movie for the curious and Gaia-conscious human.

Looking for something educational, fun and good for the body as well as the soul? At Avalon, we offer a variety of different Walks through our magical forest. In the warmer months (May through October), Avalon hosts Walk Among History with different themes each month and real actors professing their ‘take’ on history.

We’d love to see you! Come visit and take a self-guided tour of our Spirit Circuit, check out our products for sale, or come see the Long House for your rental needs. Mary Katherine and Michael are happy to answer any questions you may have!

AVALON is the home of 9 pillars healing

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Avalon Acres is the home of Nine Pillars Healing, the spirited healing practice and ceremony service of Mary Katherine Spain. Mary Katherine offers private one-on-one healing sessions, day-long retreats crafted for a deeper engagement with Gaia (for groups or solo quests), and soul-mirroring walks that require sustained time and attention with nature, group council and fire ceremony. Mary Katherine has her foundational skills in shamanic healing, reiki, and sound healing through light language. With her MFA in creative writing and the many years as a writing professor, Mary Katherine also guides writing retreats with a special interest in nature writing and memoir. To book your Day On The Land or inquire about these offerings, email Mary Katherine at


The Sweet Suite at Avalon Acres is a solo retreat open to anyone looking for a quiet getaway. Whether you need a night off from everyday life or are looking for a spot to finish that novel, the Sweet Suite will nourish, calm and still your busy body and mind. This space is still in its dreaming phase, and construction is due to start in August of 2023. We are looking forward to welcoming you into the magical folds of Avalon!

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