The route we take to return to ourselves–to move intentionally and toward our truth–can be an actual, physical route that is rooted in a landscape. Cultures all over the world share the contemplative practice of walking the labyrinth or hiking a sacred route such as the El Camino in Spain to gain insight and perhaps return to a sense of wonder. 

People have been exploring wild places, walking through forests for healing, learning from nature to understand their purpose in the world for centuries. A long walk on a beach, a hike up a mountain, even a short walk in a park brings a new perspective. 

At Avalon, we offer a self-guided “Spirit Circuit” for those seeking the counsel of trees, fresh air, bubbling brook, the cry of hawk, the worn path of deer. With 50 acres, the natural “playground” out our back door was beckoning to be shared!

The Fairy Garden is a very special spot to ground!

Because the land itself is varied, the altar sites for sitting and reflecting are curated for different needs, and carry different energies. For instance, if you are experiencing grief of some sort, you may want to visit the Weeping cairn; if you are going through feelings of anger or resentment, you might want to visit the Dragon of Transformation altar. Maybe you just need to get away from it all and turn your attention to the natural healing properties of being outside and communing with nature! 

Do you see the powerful presence of Dragon?

In addition to the Spirit Circuit, Avalon Acres is home to a Medicine Wheel, an ancient way of opening up the Earth’s energy for healing and insight. High ceremony will always include “working the wheel” but self-guided tours and tours crafted by 9 Pillars Healing have access to the Medicine Wheel. 

Mary Katherine leading the procession for a summer festival!

We also offer ceremonial fires. Sometimes, a person needs ritual and ceremony to honor a milestone such as motherhood or a new job, signaling to the soul a pronounced, outward expression of transformation and gratitude. Other reasons to hold fire ceremony may include the need to release emotional turmoil, limiting old stories, or recognition of an ending (or beginning!). (*Mary Katherine will assist you in designing whatever occasion is being experienced. She has conducted numerous ceremonial fires for all kinds of reasons!) 

Is it time to come “walk the land” and see what the Spirits of nature have to offer you? For questions or to book your tour, please email Mary Katherine here

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