Are you being nourished?

The Earth is under constant change. Evolution, whether slow or fast, is inevitable. When we take time out of our mundane day-to-day lives to pay attention to the Earth’s weather, her seasons, her beauty, we humans remember that ALL IS ONE.

The South Side of Avalon on a frosty morning!

Nature is a mirror, and will shine back to us the journey we’re on in order for us to see it through a new lens, in a new way. Our ancestors knew how to work with the forces and faces of nature. Earth’s rhythms will reset you in glorious and surprising ways. 

You only have to let it.

Avalon’s mission is to facilitate that process with respect so that the reclamation of the mature human can unfold. People from all walks of life are yearning for their minds and spirits to be in balance again. It is our human right to experience joy, creativity, and harmony with All That Lives. 

A moment to reflect in nature returns us to stillness…

Mother Earth is aching for us to return to her loving arms. Come experience Avalon Acres and participate in the mystery and magic of an ever-evolving Earth home. 

The Sacred Hoop has not forgotten you…

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